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Western Premium | Premium. Reliable. Performance.

New Brand of Specialty Home Appliances



Media Contact:

Jennifer Cook

Western Premium™

1 (920) 342-6268



Western Industries introduces the world’s first induction cooktop with integrated downdraft ventilation system under the brand Western Premium™.

Watertown, WI (June 17, 2010) – Western Industries Engineered Products Group, a U.S.-based full-service manufacturer of premium private label appliance products serving major domestic and international brands is launching a new line of home appliances under the brand Western Premium™ (www.westernpremium.com). This family of appliance products will comprise a refined selection of patented technologies involving Western’s core competencies of cooking, ventilation, warming, and laundry accessories. The debut product is a Downdraft Induction Cooktop – the only induction cooktop to feature a built-in ventilation system. Future Western Premium™ products planned for release include convection warming drawers, convection spa towel warmers, and cooking ventilation systems.

“We’ve infused decades of design and engineering expertise into a new brand of home appliances that specifically target the discerning customer. We are focused on offering a limited collection of highly innovative products, not a full suite of appliances,” explains Michael Mosner, vice president sales and marketing, Western Industries. “Through the Western Premium brand we will introduce progressive designs that take safety, convenience and luxury to a new level, while filling an upscale niche in the market.”

Western Industries serves leading OEMs in the appliance, outdoor living, recreational goods, and selected industrial markets through a turnkey approach that encompasses product design, development, and manufacturing. Western makes complete, custom-designed appliance products in its fully integrated ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturing facility that incorporates metal forming, welding, assembly and finishing. The privately-owned company supports complete product testing and agency file coordination in its onsite test lab. Accustomed to working from broad concepts or production-ready drawings, Western’s innovative engineers have a number of patents and patents pending for cooking, warming and ventilation appliances.

“We will continue to serve our OEMs in the same capacity – being their complete product manufacturer – while simultaneously creating boutique home appliances that bear the Western Premium name,” affirms Mosner.

U.S. Patent Number 7,687,748 covers the new Western Premium™ Downdraft Induction Cooktop, which features a 36-inch wide, smooth ceramic glass cooktop with four burners, a warming zone, and three-speed ventilation blower system to effectively exhaust odors and contaminates.  “Most venting arrangements take the form of a hood which is affixed above the cooking surface,” notes Scott Jonovic, business development engineer, Western Industries. “Our induction cooktop’s integrated ventilation system enables this appliance to be installed on an island or other area in which the homeowner does not want or is unable to provide a ventilation system above the unit to evacuate contaminated air.”

Induction technology is a more energy-efficient option in comparison to gas or electric cooktops because it uses magnetic energy to heat cookware directly. This keeps the cooktop cooler resulting in easier cleanup and increased safety. The Western Premium™ cooktop provides precise control and utilizes sensors to detect temperature and other critical operating parameters.

Western Premium™ products can be viewed and purchased online at www.westernpremium.com. “We want to forge an intimate relationship with the people buying our products, and that is why we have chosen to sell the Western Premium line through a direct channel,” adds Mosner. “We feel it’s crucial to the customer experience and the success of the Western Premium brand to nurture these relationships since our end users will ultimately dictate future product offerings.”

Substantial interest in the Western Premium™ product line has prompted the company to set up a deposit system on the website, whereby customers are invited to pre-order online. The cooktop will start shipping in the fourth quarter of 2010. To obtain more details on the Downdraft Induction Cooktop and other Western Premium™ products, please visit www.westernpremium.com or send email to info@westernpremium.com.

For more information on Western Industries Engineered Products Group, visit www.westernind.com or send email to info@westernind.com.

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PDF Version – Press Release


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