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Western Premium | Premium. Reliable. Performance.

Western Premium™ Brings Built-In Luxury Appliances To The Bath



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Jennifer Cook
Western Premium


New Cabinet Towel Warmer heats towels with forced air technology to provide all-over warmth and comfort.

Watertown, WI (April 30, 2013) – Equipped with advanced warming technology, the new Cabinet Towel Warmer from Western Premium™ heats towels to the perfect temperature, transforming the home bath into a spa experience. This boutique appliance warms the complete towel by using forced air to evenly distribute heat throughout the fibers. Tucked away inside standard bathroom cabinetry, the towel warmer has capacity for two full-size bath towels, and its slide-out drawer makes loading and unloading towels easy.

“Many towel warmers on the market today use radiant heating technology,” says Michael Mosner, vice president sales and marketing at Western Industries – the creator of the Western Premium™ brand. “This type of spot treatment heats portions of the towel, but not the entire piece, only warming those areas that have direct contact with the heating system. The Cabinet Towel Warmer from Western Premium is a thorough heating package that blows heat into a confined space to give you towels with that ‘fresh from the dryer’ feeling every time you bathe.”

The Cabinet Towel Warmer features a pre-set operating temperature of 140ºF with a twenty- minute heat time and a power indicator light to show when the warmer is in use. Constructed of durable, attractive and easy-to-clean stainless steel components, the warmer system incorporates an internal two-hour timer automatic shutdown safety feature. Its customizable drawer face enables a homeowner to match the towel warmer to existing cabinetry, or the appliance can be fitted with an optional white glass front available from the manufacturer. The unit measures 21.5 in. high x 20.75 in. wide x 19.5 in. deep and is backed by a two-year warranty.

The new Western Premium™ Cabinet Towel Warmer is covered by U.S. Patent Number 8,058,588. The warmer retails for $1,750 and can be purchased online from the official Western Premium™ store: www.westernpremium.com. Free shipping within the continental United States is available on this and all other Western Premium™ products. To obtain more details on the Cabinet Towel Warmer and other products in the Western Premium™ family, please visit www.westernpremium.com or send email to info@westernpremium.com.

The Western Premium™ family of appliance products comprises a refined selection of patented technologies involving Western Industries’ core competencies of cooking, ventilation, warming, and laundry accessories. Carefully crafted at the Watertown, Wis. factory, the Western Premium collection is inspired by a vision to create appliances that set a precedence for elite homes. The Western Premium™ brand comprises progressive designs that take safety, convenience and luxury to a new level, while filling an upscale niche in the market.

Western Industries Engineered Products Group is a privately held, full-service manufacturer of premium, private-label appliance products serving major domestic and international brands. For more than 50 years, Western Industries has been making complete, custom-designed appliance products and complex assemblies in its fully integrated manufacturing facility. Holding a number of patents and patents pending for cooking, warming and ventilation appliances, the Western Industries’ product line includes radiant, gas and induction cooktops; warming drawers; laundry pedestals; ventilation systems and more. Leading OEMs in the appliance, outdoor living, recreational goods and selected industrial markets rely on Western to formulate solutions to existing product challenges and develop new products from the ground up. Western’s turnkey system encompasses product design, development, manufacturing, assembly, packaging and fulfillment – all from its headquarters in Watertown, Wis. The company also supports complete product testing and agency file coordination in its onsite test labs. For more information on Western Industries Engineered Products Group, visit www.westernind.com or send email to info@westernind.com.


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